Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Promise I'm Alive

Hello lovely readers! I know I've been missing for a considerable amount of time, but I'm happy to say I'm all moved into the new house and, most importantly, I have INTERNET again. Going without an internet connection was quite unpleasant and I have no intention of going through that again. Even though it'll take a while for us to be completely settled in, I already feel like this is my home and I'm happy to finally be done with the old house and all the things it represents. So if you emailed me and I haven't gotten back to yo,u expect to hear from me today or tomorrow.

I'm hoping to start posting regularly again starting this week too. For now I'll leave you with this though. One of my friends posted it on my facebook and I thought it was surprisingly hilarious.


  1. Yes, it is hilarious, And, I don't like Christmas :-)

    I've not been doing much of anything online lately. I've had my own minor medical issues, and a 17 year old son that seems intent on testing the bounds of patience... and my stance against coporal punishment ;-)

    I'll be happy to see your posts again !

  2. I hope everything is okay with you! Me and my friend were just discussing corporal punishment this weekend actually lol.

  3. And how can you not like christmas?! I love it!

  4. I'm better now :-)
    You're so smart, you figured out what I meant even if I can't seem to hit thr right keys... corporal !


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