Friday, September 23, 2011

Tropes vs. Women

A month or two ago I came across the "Tropes vs. Women" video series on youtube. Created by Feminist Frequency, the series explores the "reoccurring stories, themes and representations of women in Hollywood films and TV shows." Since there are only six videos planned I decided to wait until the sixth one was uploaded before posting them. There's so much win here it's hard to know what else to even say.

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl:

Women in Refrigerators:

The Smurfette Principle:

The Evil Demon Seductress:

The Mystical Pregnancy:

The Straw Feminist:

As if the series wasn't awesome enough, it also introduced me to Nellie McKay. Oh yeah.


  1. These are fantastic!! Thanks for sharing them, I'm passing this post along!

  2. Best blog session in months. Thanks!!!

  3. The only thing I'm saying is that they're wrong about Olivia from Fringe being one of the mystical pregnancies. She got pregnant from actual sex that she had with Peter. It wasn't an alien baby or anything like that. Obviously I'm a huge fan of that show.

  4. I', glad you guys are enjoying the videos as much as I did.

    April: Thanks for pointing that out! I've never seen Fringe so I can't really comment, but I do thin The Mystical Pregnancy was the weakest video. That's just my opinion though.


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