Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spongebob's Green Efforts rile Fox and Friends

Fox and Friends is accusing Nickelodeon of promoting man-made global warming during an event for children:

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First of all, I love how conservatives take claim to public education only when they want to bitch about it. Secondly, after taking conservation biology I find the idea that climate change is based on faulty science hilarious. While certain aspects of climate change are debatable, mostly was to do about it and the extent fossil fuels play a role, the vast body of science that makes up climate change is agreed upon by thousands of scientists. Climate change is basically suffering from the same idiocy as evolution and the emphasis that science can't be trusted over gut feelings.

The real question is, what is the other side of climate change though? I can't figure this one out. Should Spongebob be praising the oil spill? Fox and Friends should be glad Nickelodeon didn't cover the ocean in black sludge, kill off Bikini Bottom, and blame the GOP for it.


  1. But but but... global warming isn't real, and it might warp children if they see a talking sponge, star fish, squid, squirrel in a spacesuit, and crab discussing it while flipping burgers on a gas grill at the bottom of the ocean. We must remove all mention of global warming, or they will have a skewed view of science (you know, skewed towards what scientists say, as opposed to what Republicans say).

  2. I never understood how they have a beach in Bikini Bottom. lol


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