Friday, July 1, 2011

Kansas' War on Women

Kansas' war on abortion providers has been in the news a lot lately. Since trying to ban abortion through legislation is bound to fail, Kansas has found a round-about way to deny clinics their licenses based on stringent new regulations that involve the size of rooms, the type of lighting used, and other structural changes. By giving these clinics only a few days to implement these changes, Kansas lawmakers are hoping to effectively stop abortion by getting rid of abortion providers. If it was so appalling, I might even be a little impressed with the ingenuity of these new attacks.

Rachel Maddow has two great segments on the situation (hat tip to Sarah):

Another reason I'm glad I don't live in Kansas. But in all seriousness, what is up with the abortion stuff lately? It's out of control. I posted on the various state efforts to control/ban abortion back in March, but it doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. What a shame. Another example of how the saying "limited government" is hollow.


  1. It seems like most of the states are taking the 'do everything but outright ban abortion' tactic. Georgia has done something similar with facilities, from what I read. Only hospitals qualify to perform abortions, but most hospitals receive some sort of religious funding or have religious affiliations, and if they agree to perform abortion procedures on site, they lose their funding. I think every time I hear of a new restriction imposed on abortions, I just sit with my jaw hanging open in front of my tv.

    Republicans are hell bent on cutting federal spending, but they seem perfectly content on wasting state tax monies on creating all of these illegal laws restricting abortions.

  2. Oh yes I do remember that now that you mention it! Also, what about all the jobs that are lost with these restrictions? I guess these people's livelihoods don't matter?

  3. And let's not forget all of the unwanted children who will be born instead of aborted, who will more than likely be on some sort of government funded program for health care, food, and living assistance. All because they didn't want someone to abort their baby? What harm does a woman aborting her baby cause any of the politicians fighting this war on abortion? Ridiculous.

    This whole war on abortion doesn't seem to be well thought out. All they're thinking is that they feel abortion is wrong so it shouldn't be legal. Never mind all of the points that we brought up here in comments, and the rest of the list.

    I wish they would just leave women and their reproductive rights alone. Assmunches!

  4. haha I agree! That should be the new slogan "Leave women and their reproductive rights alone assmunches!"


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