Thursday, July 14, 2011

Infographic: States Enact Record Number of Abortion Restrictions in First Half of 2011

There have been a lot of complaints that is seems like the GOP is going a bit crazy with abortion restrictions, but it turns out it doesn't seem like anything. That's exactly what's happening.

From the Guttmacher Institute:

In the first six months of 2011, states enacted 162 new provisions related to reproductive health and rights. Fully 49% of these new laws seek to restrict access to abortion services, a sharp increase from 2010, when 26% of new laws restricted abortion. The 80 abortion restrictions enacted this year are more than double the previous record of 34 abortion restrictions enacted in 2005—and more than triple the 23 enacted in 2010. All of these new provisions were enacted in just 19 states.
For even more details about the type of restrictions that are being passed, you can find the whole story here.

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  1. Ah, Republicans... they get elected to balance the budget, but they focus on turning women into concubines.


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