Friday, July 22, 2011

Infographic: Home gardening in the U.S.

An interesting infographic highlighting the increase in home gardening across the country (via):

I want to start a garden, but I have a bit of a black thumb. I decided to start small and I picked the most finicky basil plant in the world. Seriously, this thing is a diva. At this rate I'll never keep it alive.


  1. We thought we were going to garden the first year we moved to our new house, but we started too big and didn't do well. Plus, it's so hot here that we have to water the garden so frequently and it winds up being a huge hassle. We did get a lot of cucumbers and a few tomatoes. I figure I can always try again with a smaller garden once I get some shade trees planted and they have a few years to grow.

  2. I was thinking about starting with a small box to try and avoid just that problem! Even if I could grow herbs though I would save a lot of money. It's by far the most expensive produce we use.


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