Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Male Authors and Joss Whedon

After coming across a post about Esquire's list of "75 Books Men Should Read" that included only one woman author (and only four non-white men) and reading the idiotic comments on the apparent lack of diversity, I thought it'd be nice to post this video of Joss Whedon giving a speech at Equality Now:

You can find a transcript of the speech here.

The plus side is people are talking about women authors. Joyland Publishers even wrote the post "250 Books By Women All Men Should Read." While I firmly believe people shouldn't read books solely because the author is a woman or POC, it's a bit silly to assume books written by alternative viewpoints are inherently less prestigious or relatable. This list also highlights how silly those "what about the boys?" conversations that get brought up every once in and a while.

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