Monday, May 9, 2011

I am the least racist person

I know I said I'd try to avoid posting anything about Trump, but I'm a glutton for punishment. I apologize ahead of time if you're as tired of him as I am, but I thought this was too amusing not to post.

According to TPM:
Trump was on Fox & Friends Monday and addressed a campaign by Van Jones and Color Of Change, a political advocacy group for African-Americans, to get Celebrity Apprentice contestants Star Jones and Lil Jon to condemn Trump for "race-baiting."
I just love Trumps response though. Not only does he deny being racist, which is utterly unsurprising, but he makes sure people know he's the least racist person too.

If there was a racist spectrum, then Donald Trump would be the person with the lowest score. And he has lots some black friends employees. As we all know that's unshakable evidence of someone not being racist.

I actually watched The Apprentice the year Randal Pinkett won and he was amazing. I remember every time a group had to add a player to the other group, Pinkett was chosen. And then when he won, Trump asked him to share the Apprentice title with another contestant.


  1. A lot of the guys in the KKK don't think of themselves as racist either.

    They're wrong, and so is Trump!


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