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It's that time again. I think I'm gonna start doing these weekly again as soon as I'm done with school. Two more weeks!

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1. Do Women Lie About Rape?
So what’s the answer? Do women lie about rape? According to Joanne Archambault, a former sex crimes unit supervisor, the answer is fairly simple: “[False reports] are not a problem. They happen, but they’re not a problem.” Research has shown that only roughly 2 to 8 percent of rape reports are untrue, (for car thefts, another felony offense, that number is about 10 percent [pdf].) Two to 8 percent is a pretty small number to justify the climate of fear around false rape reports.
2. PBS, NPR Funding Spared In Budget Deal:
Despite efforts to strip government funding for public broadcasting, PBS chief Paula Kerger said the federal budget deal retains most of the money that President Barack Obama had set aside for public television and radio stations.
3. Slide Show: The 10 Worst Members of Congress You've Never Heard Of

4. Privatize those liquor stores:
Privatizing the sale of liquor in the state of Utah is a great idea. It would have been a great idea when prohibition was lifted almost 80 years years ago, but heck, better late than never. We support Top of Utah Rep. Ryan Wilcox, R-Ogden, with his efforts to get socialism out of the spirits business.
5. Two-Thirds Of Voters Unimpressed With Potential GOP Prez Candidates:
In the poll, 65% of respondents said they were to some degree unimpressed with the Republicans who have made noise about possible White House bids, including 38% who said they were "not at all impressed" with the GOP field. At the same time, only 31% said they were "very" or "somewhat" impressed with the GOP field.
6. Would Donald Trump have passed a budget?
But that anyone could seriously imagine Trump as president of the United States — the actual president, living in the real White House, making fateful decisions about war and peace — must reflect something deeper and more significant than the weakness of the Republican field. I mean, really. Trump doesn’t even qualify as a wing nut on the political fringe, although that’s what he’s pretending to be, with all his “birther” blather. He’s a caricature, a cartoon, a “candidate” only in the wink-and-nod sense.
7. Jailed for a Suicide Attempt:
Bei Bei Shuai was so depressed last Christmas, she chose a punishing way to die: rat poison. When her friends swooped in and saved her life, the Chinese restaurant owner’s story might have ended happily, except for one detail about Shuai's condition: she was 33 weeks pregnant.

While Shuai survived the suicide attempt, her fetus ultimately did not. The state of Indiana responded not with continuing mental health services, but by incarcerating the 34 year-old on charges of murder and attempted feticide. Today, a judge will determine if she’ll be released on bail.

Colbert Counters Quran Burning By Staging Quran Befriending:

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Barack Obamayan:

Special STFU:

This video highlights how a little information and a lot of ignorance can be a very bad thing. Just wow.

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  1. I meant to comment on this earlier. Great roundup, as always. Lots of good stuff here. And I say yes, please to weekly roundups! Looking forward to it.


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