Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birther Movement Is About Money

I hope this is the last video I ever have to post about the birther movement, but it's good:


  1. BULLPUCKY! I love it. I don't know if she uses that word often on her show, as I don't watch her, but it's an awesome word!

    "No you were not high, it happened. Even if you were high, it still happened." This cracked me up!

    It's just amazing to me that this birth certificate thing is even an issue. And the fact that 45% of republicans feel he wasn't born here and 22% said they weren't sure is just ridiculous! It's sad, really. It makes me very sad for the people of our country.

    He was elected in 2008 for shits sake! It's 2011! GET OVER IT!

    People are spending entirely too much energy on this birth certificate thing when there's extremely important issues on the table.

    I saw a funny cartoon and thought of you.

  2. I, like April before me, like "Even if you were high, it still happened"

    Forgotten in all the birther nonsense is his opponent in the 2008 election, McCain, was not born in the US. He was born in Panama. It was a US military base, but, clearly, not in the US.


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