Wednesday, March 2, 2011

GOP Attacks Women : Weiner Responds

My crush on Rep. Anthony Weiner seems to be growing.

Here are his comments at the hearing about the bill to expand the Hyde Amendment on restricting federal funds for abortion. As Weiner points out, Republicans claim to be for small government but routinely support bills that increase the size of government. He pretty much sums it up when he says, "Don't let anyone who supports this bill ever say to you, "I'm for less government regulation. Oh, there's too much government regulation." You've gotta be kidding! You can't vote for this thing and then say you're for less government regulations—the mother of ALL government regulations! This is the regulation of an individual woman in a room with her doctor AND Congressman Pitts, apparently." (Rachel Maddow has also talked about the struggle between the abortion debate and the recent embracing of small government rhetoric that was really interesting.)

Then Weiner is challenged by a panel member who was testifying in support of the bill, and things really get entertaining.

"It doesn't sound terribly enticing, no."


  1. I wish he was a representative for my state. If more of them thought like him and were more outspoken about doing what's right for the country and it's citizens, we would be in great shape as a nation. I think I've got a crush on him too. That video was awesome.

  2. I heart Anthony Weiner. :)


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