Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Egyptian Women Left Behind

In the aftermath of the Egyptian protests, women seem to have been left behind. Essam Sharaf, Egypt's new prime minister, included only one woman in his cabinet and has instead "announced the creation of committee that deals with the advancement of women, formed under the supervision of the cabinet." In the hope that women can have a more proportional role in the new government, people decided to hold a protest on International Women's Day.

CNN International:

Reproductive rights are disgusting, but systematic sexual harassment is par the course apparently. I can understand people being hesitant about change, but as Dalia Zakhary said, "Why is it never the time to put women as a priority?" This is just so disappointing (and yet utterly unsurprising).

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  1. Yep, same old story. As you said, sad, but unsurprising. Still, good for the women for protesting and standing up for themselves! I hope we see more of that.

  2. Maybe because it is so unsurprising makes it even sadder.


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