Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I need to do something about all the pictures I have piling up for Wordless Wednesdays. I have like 250 political cartoons just taking up space. It's crazy.


  1. The jobs cartoon near the bottom is both funny & unfunny. Republican policy on job creation must be giving tax breaks to rich people so they can hire more servants.

  2. The cartoon with the guy writing the signs about Obama made me think about my aunt and uncle. I'm not sure if I wrote this on here before or not, so forgive me if I repeat.

    Last summer I was staying at my aunts house. Her and my uncle were talking with me about politics. The conversation was going really well. We were going back and forth about different things when all of the sudden they start pulling the, "Obama is a Muslim" bullshit.

    I felt disappointed by their ignorance. I feel like all of their thoughts and arguments meant nothing once they said that. It just made them look like dumb assholes.

    As a side note, I REALLY hope that they can come to an agreement on the budget before March 4th. If they shut down the government, Joe will be out of work. We cannot afford that right now. So here's hoping to an agreement! (yeah right)

  3. Not my Aunt, April, but I've had the "Obama is a Muslim" conversation with too many people too!

    The way I see it, even if he is a Muslim, it's no different than any of the other silly relions out there. Yes, that includes Christianity.


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