Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm Sill Alive

I am a bit swamped this week. I've had to read up about the ethics of euthanasia, write an essay on our movie rating system, learn about species diversity and gene mutations, start preparing my communications presentation, and learn some math I'll never use on top of it all. I am busy.

And I like it if I'm being honest.

Tomorrow I can go back to procrastinating, but today I have to finish up a lot of work. Try not to miss me too much.


  1. The ethics of euthanasia?
    as opposed to the ethics of youth in Europe?

    No, really, criminalizing suicide is the silliest thing. Our right to life, or no life, should be the most basic right we have.

    That doesn't mean I want anyone I care about killing themselves. But, it is, ultimately, their choice.

  2. The interesting thing is none of the arguments we read actually said voluntary euthanasia was wrong. Some argued about the line between active (doctor giving too much morphine) and passive euthanasia (turning of a respirator) and whether or not there is really a difference, but they kind of skirted the issue IMO. One guy also said we have duty to die if our continued living becomes too much of a burden which was interesting.

  3. Basically the arguments got stuck at the question of whether or not killing someone is the same morally as letting someone die. And I'm still not sure lol.

  4. I believe if someone is a SANE adult, the decision is theirs to make. If they want to die, I say let 'em die.


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