Monday, February 28, 2011

Come for the ass. Stay for the empowerment?

I guess this is what happens when someone tries too hard to be "deep" and "empowering" while also drinking their own koolaid. I'm a big Lady Gaga fan, though admittedly I was late to the game, but this song is just not good. Mediocre at best and racially insensitive at worst, the only good thing about this song is the beat.

The video tries way too hard and I don't really need to see Gaga giving metaphorical birth to "monsters" and machine guns. While I had planned on writing a more thought out response instead of this rant that bubbled to the surface, I don't think it would be worth the effort to criticize something so patently unimaginative and unoriginal. God makes no mistakes? Yawn. As someone perfectly said, "'I was born this way' is not an empowering statement. It's one of passivity and resignation."

I see t-shirts with the phrase "Don't be a drag, be a queen!" assaulting my eyes in the near future.


  1. I immediately deleted my new Facebook status that says, "Don't be a drag, be a queen" because of this post. Thanks Alana.

    Just kidding! I cannot stand this song. I can't stand Lady Gaga's music or her name. I feel like she's trying to hard to be shocking. I saw a video on youtube of when she played in a talent competition during her time at NYU. It was AMAZING. Her voice is beautiful and she's playing the piano. I wish she would make that kind of music instead of the garbage she decides to make.

    But anyway, when I first heard this song and I heard the word Orient, I was very confused. I thought, "Why isn't anyone slamming her publicly for using this word?" I learned at a very young age that using that word when referring to people was wrong.

    The, "God makes no mistakes" lyrics kinda threw me off as well.

    I feel like this is just another way of her trying too hard. And it's a damn shame, too. She really IS talented musically, just like Alicia Keys.

  2. haha I felt bad for a minute there! And I totally agree with you. I actually didn't like Lady Gaga until I heard her signing with just the piano so I definitely get what you mean.

    I'm all about the over-the-top antics, but there comes a point where you just become a parody of yourself.

  3. I always knew that lady gaga was god!
    This video/song about embracing our natural state of being while featuring enough special effects and added bling to sink the titanic... proves that?

  4. I hate this song. It's so unoriginal. It sounds exactly like some of Madonna's older songs.

  5. I didn't like this song when I first heard it. Actually, I didn't like it when I first READ it (when she leaked the lyrics on Twitter). She does have a rough ballad on the album, that she's done live recently, called "You And I" that's much better than this, but I still don't have high hopes for the album.

    I'm a Gaga fan (though I'm not really "feeling" her right now). I like her over-the-top performances and ridiculous outfits but she's a bit frustrating as well. She's named Bowie and Led Zeppelin as influences far more often than Madonna or Michael Jackson, so why the elctro-dance pop shtick? My guess (and probably everyone else's) is because it's the easiest route to fame.

    I hated this video when I first watched it. I knew it was going to be bad, but this is just ridiculous (even by Gaga standards).

    And, yet, now I'm hooked and can't stop watching it. But, unlike how I was hooked to the Bad Romance video (which I thought was awesome), I'm hooked to this one in a "it's so bad that it's good" kind of way. This could have been her intention, but that's probably giving her too much credit.


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