Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scotland's 'Not Ever' Rape Advert

According to BBC News, this advent is "Scotland's first TV advert aimed at tackling prejudice against rape victims is being broadcast." And even though this was July of last year, this is the first time I'm seeing this advert. What a shame!

I had to watch this video twice because the first time around my brain turned mushy and all I could think was "they sure do talk purdy." (Also, my voice totally lowered and turned into some parody of a guy in the south who owns a pick up truck and cuts the sleeves off all his shirts. I have serious stereotype issues apparently.)


  1. Now, just wait a freaking minute!
    I live in Tennessee and I have pickup truck !!!!
    But, no, I don't cut my sleeves. I also don't rape lasses, ever.

    (OK, I moved to the south. I am not *from* here)

  2. haha you know what I mean! And I didn't mean to imply those guys are rapists. Everyone seems to use that same voice when they say "you've got a purdy mouth" for some reason though.

  3. Yeah, I know. I was pulling your leg :-P

    I use the voice too.

  4. Oh I know, I just wanted to clarify in case someone with less of a sense of humor thinks I'm being mean-spirited or something. ;)


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