Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rep. Michele Bachmann's Tea Party Response to State of the Union

Rep. Michele Bachmann gave her own response to the State of the Union Address on behalf of the Tea Party (because apparently we feel the need to continue pandering to the illusion of political power the Tea Party has somehow conjured up for itself). As to be expected, the speech was unimaginative and a bit silly.

I have no idea why Bachmann isn't looking at the camera, but it's kind of annoying. I also felt like I was being talked down to the entire time. I'm sure that will appeal to the delicate sensibilities and lack of humor the Tea Party apparently has, but I just found it a bit disconcerting. I must admit Bachmann gave a better speech than Bobby Jindal in my view though.

As usual Bachmann is talking out her ass for most of this speech. Media Matters has done an excellent fact check on everything she said. I would definitely recommend it (you can find it here). Too bad the audience Bachmann was speaking towards are also the same people least likely to actually research her claims.


  1. The fact that a Tea Party response received such, or any, major media recognition is ridiculous. Although I don't know that the word "response" is appropriate to Bachmann's message, or the official Republican message from Ryan either. Neither really responded to the direct issues mentioned in the President's speech. Instead, it was just more of the usual misleading blame game stuff. Shouldn't be surprising I guess.

    I wish these messages were required to be aired simultaneously with an instant fact checker. Otherwise, like you said, the right-wing base they are preaching to isn't likely to ever question the claims at all.

  2. CNN is the only cable news channel that aired Bachmann's response. I totally understand the questioning of that choice, but I think Joan Walsh had a good point when she said, "I disagree with friends criticizing CNN for airing Bachmann SOTU reply. It's newsworthy-the splintering of the GOP is big news. Why ignore?"

    I totally agree that these responses make little sense. They're written before the president actual gives his speech so they just guess what he's going to say. Silly.


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