Friday, January 14, 2011

My First Week of Classes

This week was my first week of Spring semester and I thought I'd ramble on about my classes so far since I have nothing else to talk about.
  1. English. Pretty straight forward and unsurprising. We have to think of three ideas for one major topic we want to right about all semester long. I'm thinking of Hip Hop as social commentary, the Industrial Prison Complex (including the disenfranchisement of felons), and maybe something about the "ghettoization" of YA books and Genre fiction.
  2. Personal Ethics. This class has a ton of reading, but so far it is pretty interesting. Not sure I like our professor though. She's kind of...easily distracted? I don't know what it is, but I have a feeling I'll learn the most from the readings and not our class discussions. We started with Utilitarianism which was all kinds of awesome.
  3. Social Dance. We started with the cha cha and I love it. I almost dropped this class and I'm so glad I didn't. I did have a few partners who didn't smell so fresh, but it's worth it. I think.
  4. Quantitative Reasoning. Exactly what you'd expect from a math class. This class focuses on real life applications of math though, so I'm looking forward to that. 
  5. Communications. I think this class will be interesting but I wish it wasn't so long (three hours). My professor likes to ramble and I was ridiculously bored. He also said Reagan did more to enrich and protect the lives of Americans than any other president in his 8 yrs in office and that Obama is a good communicator only if he has a teleprompter. Otherwise he's not so good and Clinton would be a good communicator if he hadn't lost credibility by lying. Then he told us the academic and political elite in the country want us to think they're smarter then we are but they aren't and we should know that.
  6. Conservation Biology. This is an online class so we haven't really gotten started yet. I'm super excited though. The class talks about global warming and how to keep animals from going extinct.
So far this week didn't suck. And even though I'm taking more classes then I'd like, I'm really looking forward to all the interesting things I'll be learning.  there's something about being in a classroom that just makes me happy.
    Hope everyone had a good week!


    1. math is ew. i dont care if they invent a math that will literally CURE CANCER if you take it. math is horrible. i hate math. die, math.

    2. I actually don't hate math. There's something satisfying about learning something that seems so complicated to me. But math has always been easy for me to learn so I'm probably biased. lol

    3. Personal Ethics seems very interesting. I like that sort of thing.
      I'm rather lazy with English. My grammar sucks but I don't care.

      I'm close with DSwizzlw, Math can be a booger. But, I do know how to figure that a shower would equal a better Dance experience. Add you and it could equal wonderful ;-)


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