Thursday, January 20, 2011

MLK Parade Bomb in Spokane, WA

Maddow gets right to the point as usual:


  1. Just stumbled across this looking for a good blog to read, and so far so good. A Rachel Maddow reference and a George Carlin quote on the same page? Too cool...

    As for your post, I just caught the last part of Maddow yesterday...where she was talking about the lack of coverage over the MLK Day bomb incident. Like she said, it's unbelievable that more coverage hasn't been given to it. Sort of sad that the ratings game can bury an important story like that.

    Look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

  2. Holy crap! Bluh. I don't get why that's not a national story. Also, Maddow is my hero.

  3. Hello Brandon! Welcome to my corner of the interwebs. Hope you enjoy your stay. :)

    Eve: We should start a fan club! lol


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