Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Megyn Kelly and Rep Weiner on Obama's Tax Cuts & Death Tax

I just love Anthony Weiner. I love the fact that he's quick on his feet and not afraid to be snarky as hell. This video of him on Fox News is a good example of both these things and his clear annoyance at Kelly by the end of the interview is amusing.

This interview makes me wonder how many Republicans were asked similar questions by Kelly about their obstruction tactics? I don't think anyone would be shocked if the answer turned out to be "not a single one." I also think it's funny that it says, “Furious Democrats say they won’t commit to tax cut vote.” Way to go Fox News!

And kudos for Weiner not letting Kelly get away with trying to paint the estate tax as some double taxing scheme out to our hurt children.


  1. Christ... I wanted to strangle her by the end of that interview. I can't believe people are so thick to think this 'compromise' is a good deal. We don't need more short term fixes. This is essentially putting a band-aid on a freaking gaping wound that's infected and bleeding out. It's time to go in and cut out all the dead tissue and focus on long term treatment plans.

    And the audacity of the president to come down on the democrats for being hard-nosed and sticking to their guns when the republicans have been refusing to vote for anything for months and months just to spite the other party? He'll be lucky if he gets re-elected to even run as the democratic candidate in 2012, let alone re-elected as president.

  2. I think all the talk of Obama having a primary challenger is wrong to be honest. It's just not gonna happen, but I understand that people are angry and this is a way to vent that frustration.

    I agree that it's ridiculous form Obama to try and bully Democrats though. It'd be different if her appeared to be doing the same to the GOP, but Obama seems to direct most of his annoyance for his own party base. Which is stupid.

  3. I'm not sure. If things continue to go the way they're going, and he continues giving up without a fight for the rest of his presidency, he may be facing a boot before he even gets the option for a second term. People are getting more and more fed up.

    I didn't think the Republicans would win so many seats in the November elections, but they did. I just foresee the next two years being a whole lot of politicians refusing to vote on shit that matters because it would mean they sided with the other party.

  4. The people getting fed up are mostly the people on the liberal side of the base though. His numbers among regular democrats are still pretty good and his numbers among African Americans are insane (like 90%). His overall job approval rating hasn't changed significantly at in the last year. The reality is most voters don't pay very much attention to politics and the threat of a primary challenger is mainly being used as a threat in order to force Obama to do what liberals want.

    Another problem is there's no real challenger to Obama. Who is there? Howard Dean? There's no way he'd challenge Obama. Plus no matter how much liberals may be unhappy with Obama, they hate the GOP even more. I just think it's unlikely.


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