Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Fat Body (In)Visible Documentary

This is a documentary about two fat acceptance fashion bloggers, Jessica and Keena, and the struggle with visible/invisible a lot of fat women go through.

The documentary is by Margitte Kristjansson who most people know as "riots not diets" and I really like the way it felt honest without being over the top. I think any fat person can relate to the hyper-visibility Jessica and Keena talk about and sometimes it can be hard to deal with the messages we're told about our bodies. Sometimes it's nice to know other people experience the same thing and that we're all in this together.

You can find riots not diets's blog here.


  1. Win !

    I knew what Jessica meant about the dr visit. I have to have a physical for work periodically. The last one, the dr told me I was obese, and I needed to lose weight.
    But, why? I have a healthy heartbeat. My blood pressure is on the low end of normal. There is no signs of diabetes. I haven't been sick in years. What, exactly, is the issue with me being 40 pounds over what the actuary tables say I should weigh?. I then picked up my foot and brought my toes to my nose and challanged the doc to do the same. Of course, he wouldn't (couldn't?)... and I am a 45 year old "fat" guy !

  2. See, I hate that type of thing. Doctors should know better. Just because a person is overweight doesn't mean they're unhealthy.


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