Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sarah Palin Thinks North Korea is Our Ally?

Yes, Sarah Palin said North Korea was our ally. Is she a total idiot or was it a simple slip up? As much as I think the verdict is still out on that "total idiot" option, I really think this was just an honest mistake. Kind of like when Obama said there was 57 states. Both of these things are so obviously wrong that it's hard to believe these are serious measures of their intelligence (though Obama has proved himself a hundred times over in my opinion).

It's kind of like when people make fun of the "magic underwear" Mormons wear. While it may be amusing, there are so many better criticisms to make that it seems kind of pointless.

So let's move on people. We really don't need to stoop to that level. Otherwise in a few months from now we'll be photo-shopping turbans on Palin's head wondering how we fell so far.

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  1. When she said that it totally made me *facepalm*, but I think it was just a slip up as well. When you're in the public eye and constantly giving speeches, as actors do, you're bound to have a few bloopers.


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