Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Midterm Election Results

There are a lot of things I was thinking while watching last night's midterm election, but I'm not going to rehash them all here. I want to say upfront that the world is not coming to an end. Republicans did not gain enough power to turn us all into gun toting white guys. Democrats actually suffered less losses then they probably should have. I mean, Harry Reid won. Only the Tea Party could have given Reid a fighting chance and getting too dooms-day about it all would be a mistake.

Honestly, it comes down to the fact people are pissed. They don't have jobs, they're losing their houses, and they have no idea how their kids will ever pay for college. When the economy is bad, people get voted out. When we're at war, people don't. It's just the way the system works.

So this is not some big ideological victory like it was in 2004 for the Dems. As Greenwald eloquently states it, "Half of the Blue Dog incumbents were defeated, and by themselves accounted for close to half of the Democratic losses." If anything, this is the first step to making the Democratic party stronger and more unified. As much as Boehner may hope, it isn't some big message to Obama. This is just people hoping the other guys will be better than what they had. Is it based on a bit of ignorance? Of course, but I'm happy for the change. Why? Because Republicans have just been put on the spot. Now they will actually have to do something and they can't hide behind a Nancy Pelosi shield. We'll get see how the GOP plans to balance the budget with cutting taxes for the wealthy. We'll get to see if the GOP is willing to work with Dems like they've claimed all a long (does anyone think this will actually happen?). Of course they're still going to say they were blocked by the Senate and White House, but I don't know if people will buy it if the economy is still bad at that time.

Unfortunately I have to write a five page (single spaced) paper about my policy ideas for the energy crisis and I'm gonna have to leave it at that. There are a few specific things I want to talk about, but we'll have to see. Here are some good articles that I've read so far though:

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The most depressing thing about the election results is the fact there will be no African-Americans in U.S. Senate next year. And yet we pretend our system works? That's the real travesty here.

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  1. "Republicans have just been put on the spot. Now they will actually have to do something and they can't hide behind a Nancy Pelosi shield."



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