Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bosnia revokes filming permission for Jolie film after Women War Victims Protest

I just read a surprising story about the Bosnian government revoking Angelina Jolie's permission to shoot a film in their country because the story apparently centers on a love affair between a rapist and his victim.

From AFP:
Bosnian authorities on Wednesday revoked permission for US star Angelina Jolie to shoot part of her directorial debut film there after complaints from a women war victims group, Bosnian radio reported. Gavrilo Grahovac, the Culture Minister of the Muslim-Croat federation -- one of the two entities in post-war Bosnia -- revoked permission to shoot scenes in Sarajevo and the central town Zenica, he said on Bosnian radio.

Hollywood trade daily Variety reported that the film will tell the story of a Serbian man and Bosnian woman who fall in love in the middle of the war, but are driven to take different paths. However Bosnian press reported the movie would be a love story between a Muslim victim and her rapist, a Serb, causing outrage among victims' groups.

"They no longer have the authorisation to shoot in Bosnia. They will have it if they send us the scenario with a story which will be different from what we have been told by people who read it," Grahovac told the radio.

The culture minister said that while he could not stop the film from being shot somewhere else, revoking the filming license was a way to "express our disapproval for the shooting of a movie which does not tell the truth and hurts a large number of victims". According to Bosnian actress Zana Marjanovic, who has landed the lead in the movie, the film is "an epic drama against the backdrop of the 1992-92 Bosnian war".

But women war victims groups were up in arms over the film's reported subject of a rapist and his victim falling in love. "This is misleading history. Among thousands of testimonies by women raped during the war, there is not a single one that tells of a love story between a victim and her rapist," Bakira Hasecic, the head of the "Women victims of war" association in Sarajevo, told AFP. "We will not allow anyone to falsify our pain," she added.
That's pretty intense to read. I'm really glad that these women stood up for this and that the Culture Minister listened. Love stories between rapists and their victims always make me nauseous. This isn't to say that this sort of thing never happens of course. I just don't think we need to romanticize it in film and literature.

Update: I just want to add that Jolie has said this is a understanding. From another AFP article: "A representative of the company was confident they would get their filming license reinstated and insisted that the film was not a rape love story." So we'll see what happens.


  1. Wow, good for them! Also, what the fuck?! Who thought that movie would be a good idea?

  2. Maybe Jolie will rethink making the movie if she finds out the story isn't true. For some reason this reminds me of a movie from 2000. Have you seen the movie Quills? Very dark and erotic... as well as sick by my recollection. It's been years since I've watched it. What a cast! Geoffrey Rush, Kate Winslet, and Joaquin Phoenix. I think I'll watch it again to see if the same emotions are present.

  3. I haven't even heard of Quills to be honest. lol I am going to look it up right now though...


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