Thursday, September 30, 2010

Truthiness to Power

Sorry for all the randomness lately, but this clip is perfection:

Not only does Stewart highlight once again the inanity of congress, but he also reminds us of how hypocritical and ridiculous our "news" stations are. Priceless.


  1. It's beyond annoying to listen to people try and suggest that Colbert was wasting the time of Congress and tax payer dollars. Congress itself is a fucking waste of tax payer dollars.

    One of the most ridiculous things that my husband and I have been talking about is the health care coverage for 9/11 workers who got sick and have been sick for NINE YEARS. Why has it taken this long to even address this? Why is it being voted against? We have a bunch of heartless idiots sitting in those chairs and calling the shots for our country.

  2. I totally agree. Stewart was right to point out was a bunch of bs it all is.


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