Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sharron Angle voted against Domestic Violence Retraining Order Enforcement

Sen. Harry Reid's campaign recently released this video bashing Sharron Angle for voting against a bill that requires Nevada to enforce domestic violence restraining orders from out of state.

Look at this gem:

From The Huffington Post:
The charges in the most recent spot stem from a vote Angle cast in 2001 against AB581, a bill that required Nevada courts to enforce protection orders dealing with domestic violence offenders from out of state. Angle was one of nine assembly members to oppose the measure (which passed by a 31-9 vote). Her campaign has insisted that she agreed with the spirit of the law but had "concerns with the execution."
Sharron Angle has turned a guaranteed Republican win into a toss up. I could just hug her right now.


  1. I can't even fathom one good reason to vote against this. At all. In any way, shape, or form. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?

  2. Angle seems to be a complete nut. Small wonder from a woman who considers herself Southern Baptist (with Scientology leanings).

    I'm with Britni on this one. What, in the fuck, could possibly be a good reason to not honor a restraining order?


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