Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scattershot Fox Interview Turns Chaotic

This guy is a total douchebag:

Rich people are not paying 50% of their income to the federal government in taxes. Complete bullshit.


  1. He is a douchebag !
    Notice how he tried to elicit the blue collar guy's (like me)sympathy? "He gets up at 4 o'clock and works very hard" Umm, yeah. So do I, but I am not wealthy.

    Manipulating class struggle against differing classes shows no class.
    But, it is very common. It was used against poor whites to keep them in line with slavery issues. Most didn't own slaves, but could be manipulated into agreeing that those awful blacks were inferior, thereby supporting the rich white guys that actually owned slaves.

    It's used extensively with the immigration issue too... "These illegals are taking OUR jobs!" .

    And, yes, they used it against women too.... "These women are taking men's jobs."

    It's just Bullshit rhetoric.

  2. thank you! You said everything I wanted to say but was too lazy to type out. lol

    I also don't like the way he blatantly assumed he was more knowledgeable than his guest. "I know all about loopholes," I bet you do mister.

  3. What you said! Ugh, I wanted to smack that guy.


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