Monday, September 13, 2010

Ikea Commerical Featuring Bisexuality

I love this so much:

It seems like Ikea has had some awesome commercials in the past few years. Then again maybe I'm just paying more attention.

I love it when bisexuality is shown as something totally normal though. Male bisexuality seems especially untrusted and most of the time women are shown as bisexual only for the titillation of straight men. Part of me does think this video could reinforce the idea that gay men aren't really gay, but that's just me begin cynical. (I can't help it!) If I'm begin especially critical I could also point out that this reinforces the idea that bisexuals can't remain faithful, but I'm looking on the positive side. The more non-traditional and/or different relationship models are featured in the media that better we all are in my opinion.

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