Thursday, September 9, 2010

From Republican Tsunami To Slight Irritation

Last week I kept hearing about how the Democratic Armageddon was on its way and how Republicans were going to sweep the elections. Where did this message of doom originate? Well, a gallop poll had shown that Republicans had the largest lead against Democrats since the poll's history. Que the doom!

But guess what? The Democratic Upheaval has been postponed. Polls this week show Republicans and Democrats on equal footing once again:


Aw shucks. I guess those gun toting tea bag loving patriots will just have to suck it. Don't get me wrong, the fact is Republicans are more likely to vote so they are still likely to do well in the upcoming election cycle. But this massive Republican tsunami? Imaginary. Like all good things about the GOP apparently.


  1. I saw Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow discuss this last night, shortly after reading your blog yesterday about the Gallup poll. Thank Jesus, indeed!

  2. haha I agree! I can't believe people would so quickly trust Republicans again. I guess this is what happens when you only have two choices though.


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