Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dan Savage on Gay Adoption

I love this:

My sister and I were both in foster care until we turned 18 and in my personal experience Savage is spot on. The feeling of being wanted can never be overblown.


  1. i love that so much i watched it twice.

  2. I work with a guy who explained to me that children of gay couples would grow up to become gay themselves.

    I told him "Yeah, I see your point that children raised in a gay household would grow up to see homosexuality as normal. But, Where were all the gay people raised?"

    "Yes, they were raised by straight people"

  3. I pretty much always agree with the things he says. I really don't understand the aversion to gay people adopting and marrying in this country. It's ridiculous.

  4. mac: people always seem to forget that little fact. As usual I guess they'd just rather hold on to their prejudices rather then pull their heads out of their asses.


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