Friday, September 10, 2010

Chinese Workers: Slaves to Technology?

Wow, this is intense. I've always had a soft spot for Johann Harri, but he was golden in this clip.

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I'm not at all surprised to hear that the Department of Commerce is trying to suppress the formation of worker unions, but it is pretty disheartening.


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  2. Well. That's sad, especially given the Chinese economic and political trajectory. Perhaps as they get richer, their political practices will become more liberal.

  3. If we look to our history, we see that the rise of labor unions was the beginning of "worker's rights".
    Things we take for granted today, like 8 hour work shifts, two days off every week, child labor laws, workers comp, were nonexistent before workers banded together and demanded those things.

    I like your Maya Angelou quote over there on the right. I like this on frm her in this situation:
    "No man is free until all men are free".


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