Monday, August 9, 2010

Some Interesting Links

I don't have any real desire to post, so here is a roundup of some of the more interesting things I've read lately.

1. Be Radical by Tangled Up In Lace

In my almost 25 years of being fat, I've found that to have confidence in your fat appearance is more offensive and attention worthy than being fat and sloppy. Which just BLOWS MY FUCKING MIND

2. Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce from the Book Smugglers

Just because a girl is pretty, and likes to look pretty; just because a girl goes out to the club in revealing clothes; just because a girl likes the attention that comes with being young and attractive, this DOES NOT MEAN she is stupid, or a whore, or fucking “asking for it” (pardon my French, but this is a disgusting mindset and pisses me off to no end). It is frustrating – no, infuriating – beyond belief that the women in Sisters Red are so stereotyped and marginalized. Don’t get me wrong – I love warrior women/strong women/badass fighter women, as much as the next person. But this gross generalization that girls that go out to have fun and be noticed are somehow billions of times inferior to their too-tough-to-look-pretty (but OF COURSE are effortlessly gorgeous *eyes rolling*) counterparts?

Nu-uh. Not cool.

3. I think this post actually came as a response to some of the discussion about the Sisters Red, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes the cigar is actually a cannon by manifesta was superb.

The idea of even having to compile this list makes my stomach turn, but I figure it will be useful in future conversations. These are variations of statements I've seen made in recent discussions that were used to dismiss someone's concerns or objections about the potential negative implications of a book's content and minimize their argument. In my response to each I've included reasons why I believe these statements were made and why they are not the best choices for a conversation, particularly one that involves discussion regarding inequality. I write this because all too often it's the people who bring up issues about power and privilege that are not given the benefit of the doubt in a discussion and are forced into defending their position instead of hosting a conversation about it.

4. Push(back) at the Intersections: Defining (and Critiquing) 'Intersectionality' from Bitch magazine

Intersectionality is not enough. There is a tendency in some spaces to believe that using (or not using) certain words is sufficient, that the use of codewords brands someone as a supporter and is a form of activism. This is, to be blunt, not the case. Using the word 'intersectionality' does indeed reflect the fact that someone is thinking about this issue, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the idea has been internalized.

5. Once Again, With Feeling by The Seventh Sense

I can't believe the debate about the proposed "mosque" to be located "at Ground Zero" is still going on.

I also enjoyed this:
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  1. Go everybody linked. And Jon Stewart.

  2. Nice one! I don't know why but I'm not really into posting this month. Kind of got the impression you weren't as into it as you usually seem to be . . . maybe it's an August thing.

  3. I blame it on the heat. :)

    But really, if anything was interesting I would blog. I just feel like everything has been boring lately. I don't know why.


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