Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Preschool and Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Just signed Holden up for preschool. I must be feeling zesty today because I not only signed him up for morning classes (and I HATE waking up before 10), but I also said I would volunteer 14 times in the classroom (before you think I've gone completely crazy, volunteering will save us $20 bucks a month).


Also, what is up with this stem cell research ruling? A couple of people want to bitch about grant competition and Christian adoptions and suddenly federal funding of embryonic stem cell research is ruled unconstitutional. wtf? These "embryos" (it's actually a blastocyst because it isn't considered an embryo until implantation) are medical waste. I wait patiently for the right to start screeching about this "activist judge." Guess their hypocrisy has become too comforting to even notice any more.

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  1. I'm also very disappointed with the stem cell research ruling. Let's hear from the families with relatives who have benefited from stem cell research. What if it was you? Why does it feel like we're going backwards?

    Wow, Holden looks like a big boy! So awesome you volunteered for preschool. I'm interested in how it all goes.


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