Sunday, July 11, 2010

This is how you do it: Sexual Assault Tips without the Victim Blaming

I wonder how many post I've started with the claim "this is the last time I talk about rape for a while?" While rape is an extremely important topic, from both a personal and politically point of view, I hate talking about any one subject too often because I feel like it deadens the importance of what it is I'm talking about. It's kind of like that friend you love that has relationship problems all the time. At first you're as sympathetic as you'd expect, but slowly you realize you just can't bear to give one iota more of concern to the same problem anymore. Well, I think all subjects are like that. You can only maintain righteous outrage for so long before the same light that fuels your anger burns a hole right through you.

Apparently I have a certain Tool song on my mind.

Anyhoo, this video was just too good not to share and is a perfect example of the type of useful information that may actually prevent someone from being sexually assaulted that I talked about in my vlog.

First, if I had a fraction of this woman's energy I could probably take over the world. Let's take a moment to be glad that isn't the case.

Second, see how Laci offers concise simple information instead of telling women to just make sure their skirts are an "appropriate" length? I even like how this video is specific to date rape. Instead of a bunch of general useless "tips," it makes more sense to break up the different ways women are often attacked and supply information based specifically for those situations.

This information is also gender neutral. I have no idea what the numbers for male date rape look like, but knowing the different types of drugs that are often used is helpful to everyone.

So yeah, this is how you really show concern for the safety of people and empower women to handle the situation as best as possible. Compare this to calling a women a slut and feeling the need to divulge her complete sexual history and the difference between slut-shaming and genuine concern becomes pretty apparent. While the information in the video isn't anything new for most of us (though I do like the detail Laci goes into), the approach is really what made me happy. She didn't make me feel like shit at all in fact. And with "prevention tips" that's really all you can hope for.

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