Thursday, July 1, 2010

Red, Orange, and Yellow

I was going to post this, but forgot all about it until I went looking for a pic for my last post in my "pride" set. At the Utah Pride Festival there was this interesting display where you picked a color tack that represented your sexual orientation and your out status.

It was really interesting:


It's a lot easier to see here, but seeing all those red dots in Utah made me really happy (I realize this is probably disproportionate since we were at Pride but still). The orange ones break my heart though.


  1. It is sad that people can't enjoy the most basic human right we have, the freedom to love who you desire. It's a shame that people fear coming out, whether from legal or social pressures.

    While I believe it is not the governments job to regulate our social structures, it is their job to ensure ALL citizens have equal protection under the law. I believe if that protection was granted, the social pressures will adjust at some point as well.

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  3. I have two out cousins--both formerly Mormon--in Salt Lake City. : )


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