Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Preschool Woes

As most of you know I have a son named Holden. He's four and a total monster and he's going to be starting preschool this year.

Gratuitous pictures of the most adorable thing I've ever made:


The problem is I have no clue how I'm supposed to find a pre-school. We make too much to qualify for Head Start and I'm having difficulty finding a public school that offers pre-school (is it too much to ask that these schools update their website every few years). Considering the fact I don't even have a birth certificate for Holden, I realize I've probably dropped the ball on this one. I'm just unsure as to how I'm supposed to narrow down the options. Maybe if I knew some people with kids it wouldn't be as much of a problem, but I don't. I somehow made friends with the few childless twenty year olds Utah has to offer.

I also feel kind of panicky that I'm going to be sending him away. Even though I know it'll only be for a few hours during the week, the part that knows and the part that feels don't really match up. I also worry how he'll be with the other kids. Sometimes not having siblings really shows in the way Holden interacts with other children. (He's also bossy as all hell to the neighbors.) I sound like I'm really overprotective huh? Holden has never been with anyone other then family and the thought of just dropping him off with some stranger is a weird one. (Of course I'm not going to make a fuss about it or let my anxiety get in the way of what needs to be done.) I know everything will work out fine and that everyone has these feelings, but I hate being unsure about something. I'm only glad that Holden was born in January and had a little more time until he had to go.

Anyhoo, if you guys have any tips that could help me that would be great. I guess I could always ask my neighbors where their children went.


  1. Ay pobrecita! I feel your pain. Except I'm at the other end of the spectrum. I'm sending my "little one" off to college this year and it's funny how my worries mirror yours. She's so bossy and opinionated and has only child spoiled syndrome issues. How is she going to deal with having a roommate when she's never shared a room with anyone for longer than bandcamp? How am I going to deal with her living 3 WHOLE HOURS away from me. Such anxiety and worry....I really understand.

    But as for preschool, first things first - get that birth certificate. Write to where he was born (county records office) and they will send it to you for a fee. Or if you live close enough, you can pick it up. Usually a shot record or baptismal record is enough to get your kid in school, but while you're getting his birth certificate, you may as well go ahead and get his SS card if you haven't already.

    The first best resource for all things is google. The next best resource kicks it back old school to your local Yellow Pages. P is preschool or D is for daycare. Narrow it down to 5 by location and price.

    That's half the battle right there. Just before you even THINK about enrolling that adorable little man in the photos anywhere, visit each and every school. Just drop by, ask for info and don't ignore your overall impressions when you leave. From how it looks, to how it smells to how the staff reacts to some stranger wandering in off the street without a kid. Oh, yeah, when you do your visits, don't take your kid with you.

    You can take him when you narrow it down to just 2 places and see where he feels most comfortable.

    Or you could just ask your neighbors and still do the visit thing.

    Good like mi hermana. The struggle to be a good parent never ends. : )

  2. College?! I can't even think about college yet without giving myself a heart attack. I'm looking forward to having a few hours to myself, but I don't what will happen when he finally leaves the nest. Good luck!

    Thank you for all your advice! My mother still lives in San Diego, where Holden was born, so she's going to pick up his birth certificate for me. I feel kind of silly, but I didn't even realize I would need it. haha

    It just seems so daunting, but you've really helped me make a to-do list in my head. I'll start with the neighbors and see if they have any suggestions and then find some comparable places in the yellow pages. The funny thing is I used to work at a day care so I shouldn't be so worried, but that's parenthood for you. I also think you're right about not taking Holden with me at first. I wouldn't even have thought of that. Thanks again!

  3. It's so hard letting go of them. I had many of the same fears you have. But, the boy was fine. He took to school like a duck to water.

    Now that he's 16, I am looking for ways to get rid of the stinker ;-)

  4. I was surprised that there was such a lack of info when I was first looking for a preschool too - and the daunting costs of many of the programs. Don't really think I can add to Deborah's good advice. The preschool I found for my kids is through the local parks and rec. It was really the only one we could afford. It's a coop, meaning parents volunteer to keep the tuition down.

    I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised by how well Holden does. There's lots of bossy kids in preschool. How exciting!

  5. Thanks you guys! The daycare I worked at was also part of the parks and rec. but I don't want to put Holden in their preschool program if I can avoid it.


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