Friday, July 30, 2010

Female Teachers Getting a Pass

Another story about another female teacher who can't seem to get it through her freggin head that children are not appropriate sexual partners. It makes me sick. Why do we give these teachers slaps on the wrist just because they happen to have vaginas? I don't care if you're a man or a woman, if you, as a grown ass person, think a 13 year old or a 15 year old would make an attractive partner then you are sick in the head.

Excusing the behavior of these women because teenage boys aren't as harmed by unwanted sexual advances as teenage girls is ridiculous. Not only does it reinforce the idea that men (or BOYS in this case) are horn dogs who can't be sexually harassed, but it also implies that women aren't capable of being held fully responsible for their actions. Which is bull shit obviously.

I can't even write a proper post I'm so angry.


  1. Speaking as a female teacher, I have to agree! I taught high school for two years in California, and two years in England. Sometimes, those kids can fool you into thinking that they are grown-up and mature...but let me tell you, they are NOT and I never EVER felt any sort of sexual feelings towards them. I like men my own age!

    And middle school students? Eek! There's no possible way. They're monsters at that age!

    Giving a woman a pass on this is NOT okay. It's still pedophilia, even if the predator has a vagina instead of a penis.

  2. Exactly! I can understand why this might happen with 17 and 18 year old students (I still think it's wrong because of the authority issues and what not), but not with middle school kids. wtf?

  3. Your so freaking right! Being young myself I don't know how half of the girls in my school are attracted to a certain teacher he's old and yes he's perverted because I doubt he doesn't think about little girls that way...I mean thats like doing it with your fucking daughter gross!!


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