Monday, July 12, 2010

Bucket List

Meg did a post on her bucket list and I thought I would do the same. My list is incredibly long so I left quite a few things out (like finally learn how to throw a Frisbee properly) and limited it to 50 like Meg. I also left out any goals I can now mark off my list.

Number one may seem kind of vague, but since I could think of 50 places I want to visit easily I decided limit travel to one spot. My whole goal in life is to travel really. While some people have professional aspirations, travelling is really the only thing I want to do.

Bucket List:

1. Travel
2. Wear a wig for no reason
3. Go kayaking
4. Try a pottery class
5. Live abroad (UK maybe) for a year
6. Graduate college
7. Win a contest
8. Drive coast to coast
9. Ride a bike regularly to work
10. Learn how to play the piano
11. Try absinthe
12. Remodel a house/old building
13. Throw a ridiculous costume party
14. Have an article printed in a magazine/paper
15. Own a hammock
16. Learn how to salsa
17. Donate a kidney
18. Ride a train
19. See inside the White House
20. Ride on a double decker bus
21. Own & revamp a vintage travel trailer
22. Touch an elephant
23. Own a motorcycle
24. Join the peace corps
25. Attend Carnival (Venice or Brazil)
26. See the northern lights
27. Put together a cookbook for Holden of family recipes
28. Stay in a bed and breakfast
29. Try my hand at blowing glass
30. Ride in a hot air balloon
31. See a majestic autumn
32. See the Great Wall of China
33. Read a comic series
34. Research my family genealogy
35. Take an Alaskan cruise
36. learn sign language
37. Volunteer regularly
38. Skydive
39. Plant a tree
40. Attend Mardi Gras
41. Learn how to sew properly
42. See a waterfall
43. Own a canopy bed
44. Attend an Art Opening
45. See the Grand Canyon
46. I want to live somewhere surrounded by green
47. See Las Lajas Cathedral
48. Read my way through most of the "classics"
49. See a Broadway show in New York
50. Visit the creationism museum

And after reading this post about anti-bucket lists, I thought I'd add a few things I never plan on doing that were on my list at some point (this doesn't mean they won't ever happen, but that I don't plan on actively trying to do them).

Fuck-it List:

1. Write a book
2. Diet
3. Swim with dolphins
4. Learn Italian
5. Live in San Francisco (too expensive)
6. Hang glide
7. Play roller derby
8. Run a 5k
9. Stop drinking soda
10. Go deep sea diving

Anything you're dying to do (or not do)?


  1. I did a few things on your list... I lived in germany for 3 years (Uncle Sam:( ), I bought a bike (I've always owned one),I stayed in a B&B that was a castle...a few more. It is a good list.

    Your Fuck-it list is GREAT !
    I love the idea of it. And, I gotta agree with those things :-) !

  2. Thank you!

    About Germany, do you mean you were stationed there? I couldn't imagine living some place where English wasn't the main language. (I am just impossible with languages.) We have a friend who was raised in Germany and he doesn't have too many fond things to say I about it (of course this is all highly subjective). lol

    A B&B that was a castle?! I am completely jealous. :)

  3. I really liked Germany. I thought the country was beautiful, and the people were always nice to me.

    I was there in the 80s, before reunification. Maybe it has changed since then, I'm not sure. I woud love to go back and see for myself...this time as a free man, not in the Army :-)

    The castle was a reproduction of a 12th century Norman castle. We stayed in the tower room. Even my jaded heart had to admit it was romantic.


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