Friday, July 9, 2010

2010 Twilight Concert Series - Modest Mouse and Avi Buffalo

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Last night a few friends and I went to see Modest Mouse and Avi Buffalo at a free concert in the park. The Salt Lake City Arts Council does this thing called the Twilight Concert Series (I promise no sparkly vampires or pushy werewolves are involved) where free concerts are offered at Pioneer Park every Thursday during summer.

Here are some pics from the show. Wayne and Angel are in the first picture (Wayne is Ryan's brother) and Steven and Kaleena are in the fifth (Kal has her own cute little blog here you should check out). As usual there are no pictures of me, but that's how I like it.


The concert was pretty much everything I thought it would be except hotter and much more packed. I'm usually a pro when it comes to planning ahead, but for some reason I forgot to bring water or sunscreen. (Luckily I'm a bit obsessed with wearing sunscreen on my face everyday so I didn't get burned.) At one time I swore I was gonna pass out and I just took off from where we were standing. Once I had the chance to drink some water and cool down I felt fine, but it took me the rest of the night to get back to my friends. I would snake through the crowd for a little bit and then I'd have to wait for a while. Then I'd see an opening and dive for it. It was pretty intense and at one point I may have wished horrible things would befall all the people around me.

But I finally made it back to Kaleena and Steve (just before the last song in fact) and got some decent pics to show for it. Of course at this point Angel and Wayne were nowhere to be found, but it all worked out in the end.

If anyone is planning on attending one of these Twilight Series Concerts (hello Utah peeps!) I have a little bit of advice:

1. Bring water. I cannot stress this enough. And maybe a sandwich or something to snack on. They have food and water for sale, but as to be expected you might have to sell your first born child to afford any.

2. Be prepared to be surrounded by a shit ton of people. Sweaty smelly people. And try not to stab the giant in the large hat who just decided to stand right in front of you even though you've been waiting for hours. There were so many people that our cell phones wouldn't work so be prepared for that.

3. Learn from my mistake and don't wear all black. Bad decision.

4. You can park at gateway mall, but I took Trax and skipped the traffic. Worked out grand (I parked at the Bee's stadium).

Other then that, the night was a lot of fun but very stressful. I doubt I'll go to another show besides She & Him. I just don't do well with that many people.

-More pics here.

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