Saturday, June 5, 2010

You had me at "mesmeric" Nigella

I don't watch much television. (Not for any pretentious reason though. It's just that reading and surfing the interwebs are my mindless entertainment of choice.) When I'm especially bored I like to watch cooking shows. There is just deeply interesting about food to me and lately I can't seem to get enough of Nigella Lawson in particular.

Watching Nigella cook is like watching food porn or something. This is totally random, but I think I fell a little bit in love when I saw this recipe:

Seriously, can this woman get any hotter?

That is all.


  1. *drools*

    Want chocopots! That really is like food porn, you're not kidding! I think I'm in love too.

  2. Is she cooking?

    She is quite beautiful. And eating a giant pot of chocolate? Sexy !


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