Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Woman Always Has A Choice...To Keep Her Panties On

I saw this t-shirt on tumblr and it pissed me off to no end:

It's sold by Zazzle so essentially any douche bag with a computer can make a shirt that says whatever they want, but it still irritates me off.

For one, is that not the most horrid font you've ever seen? Atrocious. Two, someone is trying way too hard to be clever. I also hate to break it to the "artist," but not all women do have the choice to keep their panties on. With the incredibly high rates of sexual assault in this country, "choosing" abstinence is not really a choice for a lot of women.

I also hate the implication that it is always a women's responsibility to not get pregnant. Unlike the shirt "Against abortion? Have a vasectomy!," most anti-choice shirts focus exclusively on the women. Where is the responsibility for the men in these situations? It's frustrating to say the least (the "partial-birth" abortion shirts are even worse though).

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  1. Gah! What?!

    First off, I agree exactly with what you said about it not always being a choice. Arg. And about it always being a woman's responsibility. Men aren't being told to "keep their legs shut and stop being such a slut." Only women are being told that. But, most of the people that women are having sex with are men, and isn't sex supposed to be a mutual interaction generally? How do men figure into that wacky idea?

    Seriously, what is so wrong with women having sex? Last I checked, we're allowed to, just like men. It's almost as though getting pregnant is supposed to be some kind of horrible punishment for not being "pure" enough. Which is seriously fucked up, because nobody should be looking at someone else's child as a punishment. And for the women who don't want a child, that's a large part of WHY we have abortion and adoption and birth control! So that women don't have to be punished for having sex! Because we shouldn't be punished for having sex! You know, kind of like men usually aren't? Duh. Plus the fact that connecting purity to our sexuality is really messed up, and that's exactly what's going on there.


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