Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Why I'm a Tea Party Conservative"

I was telling Britni about this guy on youtube called The Atheist Antidote, who is a complete whack job, and she pointed out he had a video called "Why I'm a Tea Party Conservative." Once I watched it I knew I just had to share the video.

Be warned, this video is six solid minutes of Brock using lots of words without saying anything.

I was originally going to dispute some of the claims Brock makes, but he doesn't actually make any claims. He just throws out random one-liners that culminate into a vapid vapid attempt to criticise the left instead of anything actually substantial. The left is on the wrong side of history? Give me a break.

At least Brock has one thing going for him though; he has definitely has maintained the status-quo of complete imbecility on part of the tea party.

You want more inanity? This video on slavery and abortion is just classic.


  1. Maybe if we could find an actual conservative, this asshole might have a point.

    The whole Tea Party movement seems like nothing more than sour grapes to me...they are mad because they feel their party lost.

  2. If he spent less time on ridiculous euphemisms and more time making a valid point, I might not have turned this video off after three minutes (which I would like back, please).

    Such a pretty farce. (er... I mean face)


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