Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Roundup

It’s been a while since I’ve done one. Let's jump right in.

Random Picture:


Articles You Should Read:

1. I've started following a new blog called a l'allure garçonnière and I really love her two recent posts Love Letters and Cultural Appropriation: Gala Darling and fuck fashion: taking action against oppression.

2. I also enjoyed Johann Hari's How can America's 'War on Drugs' succeed if their Prohibition laws failed?.

3. Avoiding LGBTQ Stereotypes in YA Fiction, Part 1: Major LGBTQ Stereotypes by Malinda Lo was also really interesting I thought. Even though I'm not an author it was nice to read and I have a soft spot for Lo since Ash was such a great story.


Thumbs Up:

1. 'Tea party' candidates hurt by lack of organization in movement. Can I get a hallelujah?

2. Bishop Gene Robinson argues against the idea that DADT is needed for Roman Catholic military chaplains to be able to perform their duties. He goes onto say, "Separation of church and state works both ways! Just as the archbishop argues that he should not be coerced by the state to change his beliefs (I totally agree!), so must the church not impose its beliefs on the secular state and its military."

People Who Get the Middle Finger:

1. The story of a 17-year-old jailed for having sex with a 15-year-old pisses me off to no end. The whole story is a bit shady and there are reasons to not like the boy, but getting sentenced to ten years in prison for getting a blow job is appalling.

2. Rabbi Shmuley gets a special mention for his insane opinions about breast feeding.

“Obviously, breast-feeding is not the same as carrying on an extramarital affair. But when a mother gives her breasts to her son and takes them away from her husband, the effect on the marriage can feel the same.”

Special STFU of the week:

Quote/Thought that makes me happy:

“That is my problem with life, I rush through it, like I’m being chased. Even things whose whole point is slowness, like drinking relaxing tea. When I drink relaxing tea, I suck it down as if I’m in a contest for who can drink relaxing tea the quickest. Or if I’m in a hot tub with some other people and we’re all looking up at the stars, I’ll be the first to say, It’s so beautiful here. The sooner you say, It’s so beautiful here, the quicker you can say, Wow, I’m getting overheated.”
— Miranda July, "The Man on the Stairs"

Something you probably don’t know about me:

I feel naked if I'm not wearing a cardigan.


  1. Maybe we should send the rabbi over to talk to Pat.
    Isn't it obvious by now? The man is flirtig because his wife is cheating on him with their infant son....She needs to earn who those titties belong to!

    Those dumbasses were serious? It kind of makes one glad he's an atheist :-)

  2. Mac: Agreed!

    Star: Thank you! That part of the backyard has turned into a complete jungle, but I love this pic.


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