Friday, June 25, 2010

Rich GOP Politicians Bash Unemployed

I've been trying not to post so many videos recently, but as you can see I'm having a hard time restraining myself. While I am going to make sure I put a good amount of effort into at least one post a week, I love when I stumble across a video that perfectly sums up my thoughts. And when it comes to Rachel Maddow, she usually sums it up far better then I can ever hope to do.

This video is a gem:

I have been trying to pay closer attention to Utah politics recently, but it's comments like Senator Orrin Hatch's that make me less enthusiastic. (Then we have Mike Lee who is against raising the liability cap for BP even if it means taxpayers have to pay for part of the cleanup. Go Utah!) I also don't understand why someone doing drugs should automatically bar them from receiving unemployment benefits. If the person held a job and paid taxes then they paid into their unemployment fund and that money is theirs in my opinion. Obviously I hope people aren't doing drugs, but if they decide to drink or smoke their $95 dollars a week (or whatever) then I don't really see how that's any of our business. I can't help but think these accusations stem from a misconception about who drug users are (as well as people who receive unemployment benefits). Instead of testing people getting unemployment benefits, we should start at the university and end in congress. I bet the results would be far more surprising then people would think.

This sort of thinking also shows a ridiculous disconnect with what average Americans (god I hate that phrase) are actually going through. It's easy to talk about hobos and how people choose to stay out of work because of unemployment benefits when you're rich. And we can never forget that; these politicians are rich as hell.


  1. Just thought I'd mention that I like all the videos! Try as a might, I just don't have time to find all the videos that need watching, so I appreciate having them passed on to me. Also, Rachel Maddow is awesome. I wish I had time to watch her show more often.

    Good post!

  2. Thanks and glad to hear that! My boyfriend teases me since our t.v. is always on BBC news or msnbc in the evenings. lol


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