Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'd like your advice...

I know most of you could care less, but I'm having a hard time deciding on whether or not I should change my blog template for Sunshine and Bones. I feel like I need a change, but I'm having a hard time committing.

This is what it looks like now in case you don't follow my every move:


See, I actually like this template. The only problem, besides me being finicky, is the fact the background of the posts isn't white. (And I'd prefer it to be white.) I've also gotten it into my mind that I just have to have a three column template this time. Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding anything I liked so I had to resort to the new blogger template designer thing. Even though it has a lot of neat features, for someone who only knows the very basics of html (just enough to screw everything up actually) it's kind of a nightmare.

This is what I have so far though:

Copy of sunshineandbones

I'm not sure I like the header with the grey background but I'm too lazy to deal with it right now. (You can see the actualy page here.)

Either way I'd like to know what you think. Knowing me I'll end up changing it no matter what, but I thought I'd throw it out there in case someone finds it completely atrocious or something like that.


  1. They're both Sunshine and Bones so I'm not sure what you mean. (Do you mean the url? The only reason the second one has a different url is so I wouldn't have to stress about my blog looking like butt while I messed with the template.)

  2. I meant the second one. Got distracted...

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. All I know is that chicken sandwich looks delicious !

    I was goofing around with mine a whie back and changed everything then couldn't get the old way back. I kind of miss it.

    But, I'm a plain kind of guy.

  5. I like the first one (the one you have now).

  6. ah decisions decisions (I know, my life is so tough lol). Thanks you guys.

    And Mac, it was very delicious! :)


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