Sunday, May 2, 2010

“There’s a weight limit on leggings & skinny jeans”

Alternative title: How the internet is prone to give dumb ass people an inflated sense of self.

I came across a really great post called "You can’t bully me out of my skinny jeans" over at the blog definatalie. The long of the short is that someone submitted a picture of Natalie to a facebook group called “There’s a weight limit on leggings & skinny jeans.”

Yeah, way to be a pretty horrible human being right?

Self Acceptance, originally uploaded by ktabor330.

Instead of being mortified and trying to forget the thing ever happened like I would probably do, Natalie wrote a bad ass post about how beauty is not finite and "rules" for dressing are ridiculous.
Firstly, you know how I feel about body shame that is dressed up as fashion advice. It’s bogus. No one should be harassed, mocked or attacked for wearing clothes (or NOT wearing clothes). There is absolutely no weight limit on leggings or skinny jeans. There is, however, an abundance of people who are falling into a trap of being way too invested in what other people do, and wear. Why do they care so much? Probably because it gives them a sense of being better than other people, but that is a terrible foundation to build one’s self esteem upon. It’s a foundation that benefits business, not people, and it suits the beauty, fashion and weight loss industries to have every day people like you and I reinforcing arbitrary beauty standards that help shift units so people can feel better about themselves by putting other people down, therefore reinforcing arbitrary beauty standards (stop me before I get sucked into this infinite loop here guys).

I reject those arbitrary standards. I reject the imaginary line between skinny and fat, the line that’s a size 6 for some people and a size 14 for others. And if you’re friends with a fat person, they lose 4 imaginary dress sizes on the basis of that friendship (“Oh honey, you’re not fat! Don’t be so mean to yourself!”). I reject the beauty ideal. I reject the idea of the “flattering outfit”. I reject the gender binary. I reject being ladylike. These standards are not nobel things to uphold – they trap us, and constrict us. They push us into target markets so we can be sold things more easily. And while I can say with 150% gusto that I reject these things, I can’t help but toe the line sometimes without even realising. Societal conditioning is that strong, it’s that pervasive.
The facebook group really is ridiculous and I can't help but wonder what it says about us as people when being skinny is held up as some major accomplishment. Like that's all it takes? Are we really willing to set the bar so freggin low?

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Most fat-shaming assholes usually claim that what they're really against is only bad health. (They're just fighting the good fight against all us fatties that are ticking time bombs just waiting to happen see? Fat-shaming or being an asshat has absolutely nothing to do with it.) But this group doesn't even do that. This group is simply about the fact that they don't think fat people are hot, therefore all us fatties should give up our skinny jean/legging wearing ways. And really, it's the presumption that I am supposed to give a flying fuck about their opinion enough to change my clothing habits that I find the most irritating.

How full of his/herself must a person be to even think such a thing?

And I realize that a lot of people won't personally find fat people in leggings attractive. There is totally nothing wrong with that. (Personally, I wish people would stop wearing leggings as pants in the first place.) But to try and shame individual people is just pathetic.

Anyhoo, the post is all kinds of awesome so I would definitely check it out.


  1. Skinny people who wear skinny jeans look like retarded pencils, okay?

    I hate skinny jeans on anyone. I just don't like them.

  2. i think that if you like how you look in something, then feel free.

  3. I agree. Just do what you want and screw everyone else.


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