Sunday, May 30, 2010

Repo! The Genetic Opera Shadowcast

Last night we went to see the Utah Scalpel SL'UT's shadowcast Repo! The Genetic Opera at the Tower Theater. If you haven't seen Repo, you can see the trailer here. Just be prepared to have your mind blown by an awesome eyeliner and fishnets obsessed dystopia.

Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of the shadowcast itself. It was pretty dark and I didn't want to be an ass and use my flash. (And just in case it isn't clear, a shadowcast is when a bunch of actors act out a movie while the movie is playing behind them. Sounds weird, but it's totally awesome.)


It was a lot more fun then I had thought it was going to be though (I love being pleasantly surprised). I'm looking forward to going again to see The Utah Scalpel SL'UT's perform The Rocky Horror Picture Show in October.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Cheers.

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