Monday, May 10, 2010

Obama orders assassination of US citizen

I'm playing catch-up on news/political commentary today, but I found this video so troubling that I thought it deserved its own post.

Is that not just craziness? Look, I'm not saying Anwar al-Awlaki is a great dude who deserves puppies and chocolates. Obviously this guy should be locked up. But I have a hard time accepting that an American citizen can be ordered to be killed by the president without any judicial oversight. Aren't courts how we know people are actually guilty of crimes (at least that's the theory)?

From Glenn Greewald:
No due process is accorded. No charges or trials are necessary. No evidence is offered, nor any opportunity for him to deny these accusations (which he has done vehemently through his family). None of that.

Instead, in Barack Obama's America, the way guilt is determined for American citizens -- and a death penalty imposed -- is that the President, like the King he thinks he is, secretly decrees someone's guilt as a Terrorist. He then dispatches his aides to run to America's newspapers -- cowardly hiding behind the shield of anonymity which they're granted -- to proclaim that the Guilty One shall be killed on sight because the Leader has decreed him to be a Terrorist. It is simply asserted that Awlaki has converted from a cleric who expresses anti-American views and advocates attacks on American military targets (advocacy which happens to be Constitutionally protected) to Actual Terrorist "involved in plots." These newspapers then print this Executive Verdict with no questioning, no opposition, no investigation, no refutation as to its truth. And the punishment is thus decreed: this American citizen will now be murdered by the CIA because Barack Obama has ordered that it be done. What kind of person could possibly justify this or think that this is a legitimate government power?
I know there will be some people out there who trust President Obama to use this executive power responsibly and with extreme prudence, but what these people are forgetting is that Obama won't be president forever. And with the conservative party becoming much more conservative, who knows what whack job could end up in the White House.

The question we need to be asking ourselves is whether or not we would trust Sarah Palin with this power. I know I sure as hell don't.


  1. That's gotta be unconstitutional. Isn't it? Gah, I don't even know what to say, other than how appalling it is! I mean, I already knew Obama wasn't perfect, but I didn't think he'd ever do something that horrendous! *speechless*

  2. Sounds conspicuously Cheneyish of the president. I personally believe that even terrorists deserve chocolates and puppies though.

  3. It's nice to know I'm tougher on terror than someone in the world. I draw the line at puppies. :)

  4. I find that freaking horrifying that one guy can just sign someone's death warrant in AMERICA. I thought that was a Middle East thing.

    My current events teacher, probably the ONLY liberal teacher in my entire school, went on a big spiel about it this morning until his supervisor came in and chewed him out in front of everybody. That was doubly concerning, since my teacher seemed to be the only one seeing how wrong this was. And it sucks that these folks are making decisions that could effect the overall future, as opposed to the people who will actually have to live in that world. bleh.

  5. I was in 11th grade when 9-11 happened and a similar thing happened to my history teacher. At first almost every 1st period teacher had the news on, but then our principal decided our delicate minds couldn't handle what was happening and all the teachers were told to pretend like nothing had happened. My teacher was all kinds of pissed and gave us one of the best rants ever. Of course this was in San Diego so I'm sure my teacher was just trying to spread the liberal homosexual agenda.

    Kudos to your teacher. Hopefully he doesn't get into too much trouble.


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