Monday, April 5, 2010

Some Easter Pics

I hope everyone had a good Easter. Easter is probably the holiday I care the least about, but we still colored eggs with Holden. (See? My deviant heathen ways haven't stopped Holden from living a fulfilling commercial holiday filled life so far.)

Here are some random pics to distract you from the fact I have nothing to say:


  1. Have I mentioned that your kid is adorable?

    I wish us Jews got to celebrate Easter. But no, we get to starve ourselves for a day and sit in a hard chair when someone dies. *grumble*

  2. Pretty eggs! Yeah, I'm with you on the whole "easter's not my fave." That and halloween. blech. But I did my duty for the economy and bought some chocolate easter bunnies and cadbury eggs!

  3. hahaha...oh god. I don't see why you can't celebrate the more secular aspects of Easter. I do and I'm atheist. I've heard that passover food is pretty terrible too.

    Embee: The only good thing about Easter is cadbury eggs! (but I ADORE Halloween) :)


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