Friday, April 9, 2010

Playing the "race card" and Michael Steele

In the time I've had this blog I've posted quite a few TYT videos. Even though I don't agree with everything Cenk says, for the most part I think it's an easily accessible way to keep up with current events.

But this video has rubbed me the wrong way:

I think what bothers me the most about this video is the assumption that any talk about race is tantamount to "playing the race card." Steele was asked a direct question about his race and I don't see how Cenk expected him to answer (he didn't even complain about the difficulties of being black but merely agreed that the difficulties exist). What should Steele have done? Should he have denied that being a person of color comes with some challenges in our society? Should he have meekly asserted that our society is color-blind and these challenges are long gone? I just don't know what Cenk wants from Steele.

The idea that not talking about race somehow equals not being racist is bothersome to me and ignores the real issues at play here.

I also agree with Steele (never thought I'd type that) that not every criticism towards President Obama is racist. (Similar to how not ever criticism towards Sarah Palin is sexist.) Are some of the criticisms racist? I'm sure. But not all of them. It does us a huge disservice as a country to ignore those criticisms since bitching and moaning about the current president is a huge part of the democratic system.

It's disappointing.

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